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Sylvestrus Ltd.
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Tel. Office: 01463 237812
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Mobile: 07843 621701

Capitation of the Month

Anything to do with trees and land we can and will be able to do.


Sylvestrus Ltd carries out a wide range of contracting services with their experienced and proven staff.

  • Forest and farm fencing,
  • Ground preparation and drainage
  • Roading, path, bridge and mountain bike construction
  • Tree planting (avenues, fruit trees, large native woodlands, commercial upland planting)
  • Weeding, rhododendron and bracken control
  • General maintenance, fertilising and pest control
  • Orchard restoration,
  • Creation of wildlife ponds and forest playgrounds,
  • Timber harvesting from thinnings and clearfelling,
  • Timber marketing,
  • Tree surgery
  • Christmas tree harvesting and marketing,
  • Heathland restoration and many more.
We can provide references from all our customers and have had repeat business for over 10years with many clients.